The name is Daniel Hauge.

I'm the founder of this community called Passion 4 Achievement.

The idea came after going from a rough depression to pretty much living the dream.

I realized how our society is living up to 2% of its potential because very few people are striving to achieve greatness in their lives.

I want to change that.

I thought the best way to change this was to create a community and a movement where we break free from society's limits and chains.

At 16 years old I dropped out of school to pursue this dream and I've been working on it ever since.

Seeing the impact I have on people drives the shit out of me.

I'm literally gonna change the world with this community.

I want you to be a part of this journey.

Are you ready to start achieving success and really reach your potential in life?

That's awesome. I can't wait to change the world with you.

Areas I'm laser-focused on

It's very easy to say ''personal growth!'', ''I want to always be the best version of myself!'', etc.

However, you really need to know which areas you want to grow and improve at because you can't master 4087 things.

I dedicated myself at a very young age to mastering the following 6 areas:


The amount of energy you have will determine how you live your life.

The level of health you're at will determine how much energy you have.

Therefore, the way you treat your health will influence almost everything in your life.

Nutrition and eating patterns

The way you eat has a lot to say when it comes to health.

For that reason, I'm dedicated to mastering nutrition and eating patterns. 


I'm committed to mastering exercise.

I want to master what the most effective way of exercising is, when to do it and how to do it.


The right amount of sleep is crucial.


I want to master money.

With money you have freedom and you have the opportunity to give.

I wanna get wealthy as fuck and I wanna help others do the same.

I spend a lot of time studying the rich to see what works and what doesn't.

Real estate

Right after starting a business, I believe that real estate is the second best way to get wealthy.

With real estate, you can build a huge passive-income empire.

Angel investing

I wanna help entrepreneurs with their startup and give them an opportunity to do something great.


Business is great and there's two reasons for that:

1. Businesses serve humanity. They make the world a much better place by providing solutions to problems while creating jobs.

2. With the right business model, there is really no limit on how much money you can make.

I'm dedicated to mastering business.


What does it take to succeed in entrepreneurship?

I wanna master this so that I can help entrepreneurs including myself achieve success.


Nothing survives without sales.

Knowing how to sell is crucial.


Some people give 100% in all they do while others give 4%.

I wanna master how to make myself and others perform at the highest level.

I wanna make myself and others take massive action and do everything we can to succeed in whatever we do.


Everyone wants to be happy.

Unfortunately, not everyone is.

Why are some people thrilled and excited about life while others can't get out of bed?

I wanna master what makes this difference in people's level of happiness so that I can help them.


Emotional intelligence is crucial.

You have to be good with people.

I'm committed to mastering emotions, thought patterns, values, opinions, beliefs and other things that, when combined, create your personality.

When you're good with people, you can better understand what they want, how they feel and what they're thinking.

I could come up with 7353275 reasons for why being able to do this is extremely beneficial.

For now, though, I'm gonna go with this:

Be good with people and you will have a MUCH easier and more happy life.

How you can use this

Passion 4 Achievement is a combination of all the areas you see above.

I have done whatever I can to make it as valuable and as life-changing as possible.

I'm working on the membership every single day to constantly make it better for you.

If you're also interested in mastering some of these areas, then I strongly suggest you join this community.

I can't wait to see you on the inside!

Copyright 2016 - Passion 4 Achievement
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